ETNAD3’s social responsibility consists of sustaining the implementation of initiatives designed to empower women and persons with disabilities.
To this end, ETNAD3 makes significant donations to the Disability Inclusive Development Programs and Services (DIDEPAS) organization that supports the vulnerable, women, girls, and youth with disabilities. ETNAD3 joins forces with DIDEPAS to preserve lives, reduce human suffering and help people in need become independent.
ETNAD3 uses its networks and platform to promote women and girls’ rights, including vulnerable communities, and to change societal attitudes toward persons with disabilities.
A portion of every product’s revenue that ETNAD3 sells is donated to support the cause of women with disabilities and more impoverished communities.
ETNAD3 envisions providing employment opportunities or helping build the capacity of persons with disabilities to increase their employability.
ETNAD3 also supports DIDEPAS’s Disability Inclusive Accessibility and Education Fund – DIAEF. DIDEPAS has established DIAEF to promote equal rights and full integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of community life. ETNAD3 helps preserve the economic security, safety, and dignity of children, youth, girls, and women with disabilities by improving access to education, health care, public benefits, transportation.
Poverty increases the risk of disability. Persons living with disabilities may be at risk of poverty due to a lack of access to education, job opportunities, and healthcare systems. Children, girls, youth, and women with disabilities are the most marginalized and excluded groups in our communities. Because they lack access to essential services, including adequate housing, persons with disabilities do not fully participate in their communities’ development.
ETNAD3 aids to meet the following objectives:
Furthermore, ETNAD3 contributes to job creation for persons with disabilities and sponsors those who want to become entrepreneurs.
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