ETNAD3 – Entreprise Nationale et de la Diaspora pour le Développement Durable, LLC, is an American e-commerce platform.

ETNAD3 partners with many top manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores to offer a wide range of products, including assistive devices for persons with disabilities, jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, sports, cosmetics, baby care, wedding, health care, and well-being products.
ETNAD3 is a diaspora woman-owned business. It is about women telling their stories and claiming their power and autonomy to keep their fundamental privileges. ETNAD3 promotes women’s engagement in building an inclusive society for shared socio-economic growth.
When you partner with ETNAD3 or buy at, you provide women with economic power to break the vicious poverty cycle.
The diaspora is recognized to play a critical role in addressing development challenges in their home country while participating in their host country’s economy. A significant part of the diasporas’ activities is the remittances for reducing poverty, sponsoring siblings to access education, or friends to start businesses.
It is also well documented that African Diasporas play a crucial role in the many aspects of the focus areas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as access to quality education, poverty reduction, zero hunger, peace, gender equality, reduced inequalities, access to good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, disaster crisis and armed conflicts, and so on.
The modern era of increasing global mobility presents challenges but also remarkable openings. ETNAD3 seizes these opportunities to trade for inclusive growth and reduce poverty among African women, keeping in mind the entrepreneurship’s tremendous potentials, remittances, and investment from the diaspora.
We achieve sustainable development when individuals flourish in harmony with their socio-economic environment. It signifies access to education, health care, justice, food, sanitation, and clean water, transport, sports, cultural beliefs, jobs and employment, financial and banking, electricity, recreation, travel and tourism, accessible housing, accessible cities and mobility, technology, investment, family reproduction, civil rights, political and voting power, commerce, and entrepreneurship.
ETNAD3 promotes an inclusive and productive community for the African women in the diaspora and helps make their dreams of a better life a reality. ETNAD3 offers its diverse networks to accompany African women entrepreneurs in the export-import process to and from the USA.
Additional ETNAD3’s activities include:

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