ETNAD3’s first pilot project of affordable housing is developed in Abidjan, the capital city of Cote d’Ivoire. Abidjan has become increasingly dense as people exodus from rural communes and neighboring cities to find better opportunities to meet the challenges of poverty they face.
Middle-class populations, in particular working single-mothers, strive to secure affordable and decent housing. They live exposed to many risk factors. Housing is a source of stability and preservation of the social fabric and a refuge. The “Affordable Housing for Middle-Class Households Project” is designed to offer decent housing to middle-income women-led households to reduce their vulnerability.
Poverty fosters the migration of populations to cities that drive economic and social growth. According to studies, cities host three billion people who cannot always live decently because of the housing deficit.
Despite increasing demands, some national development programs do not prioritize affordable housing policies. As a result, because of the shortage of housing in Cote d’Ivoire, decent housing is mostly unaffordable for a large majority of the middle-class of the Ivorian population.
Indeed, access to decent housing is a fundamental universal right. Every citizen has the right to an acceptable standard of living. It means having a roof, which is crucial for socio-economic development. Many single-mother-headed households suffer from a lack of safe, adequate, and affordable housing in Abidjan and the rest of the country.


ETNAD3 establishes business opportunities to help women acquire skills and knowledge to own and control their decisions. Thus, they can safeguard their rights, such as the right to freedom of conscience, necessary to realize their full potential in society according to their aspirations.
The Women’s Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion Project also includes job creation and income-generating activities in:

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