Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Use apply to ETNAD3 and not necessarily to our affiliates or other parties. The terms, conditions, and notices contained herein govern your use of the ETNAD3 service and website. By using, visiting, or browsing the ETNAD3 website, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you should not use the ETNAD3 service or website. These Terms of Use are an ongoing contract between you and ETNAD3 and apply to your use of the ETNAD3 service and website. These Terms of Use affect your rights, so please read them carefully.

Changes to Terms

ETNAD3 reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at our discretion, with or without notice to you. After changes are made, your continued use of our service or website means that you agree to be bound by the changes.


If one or more of the provisions of the terms, conditions, or notices in these Terms of Use are deemed void by law in a court of relevant jurisdiction, the balance of the remaining policies shall continue in full force and effect.

Pricing and Availability

We reserve the right to change our product prices and update our inventory at any time, with or without notice to you. Members should also be aware that product prices and inventory levels may fluctuate as a result of sales volume and changes to pricing or policies by our suppliers and the manufacturers. ETNAD3 has no control over our suppliers’ pricing or inventory, or manufacturers’ policies. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that an item will remain in stock or at a particular price for any period of time. Our responsibility in these instances is limited to fully refunding your order. You understand and agree that ETNAD3 cannot be held liable for losses that you may incur from inventory fluctuations or pricing or policy changes.


By employing  the ETNAD3 service, you consent to receive communications from ETNAD3 via email, telephone, and regular mail. These communications will include notices about your account (as in Order Confirmation/Shipping emails) or other information related to our services. These communications are part of your business relationship with ETNAD3, and you are entitled to receive them as part of your subscription. You agree that any notice, agreements, disclosure, or other communications that we send to you electronically will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including that such communications be in writing.

Use of Information

ETNAD3 is free to use any comments, concepts, ideas, information, reviews, or techniques contained in any communication you send to ETNAD3. Forms of communication include, but are not limited to, emails, responses to questionnaires, telephone conversations, and regular mail. With any communication, you grant us a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to display, use, reproduce, or modify any information for any purpose whatsoever without further compensation, acknowledgement or payment to you. This includes, but is not limited to, information about manufacturing and marketing products, or creating, modifying or improving the ETNAD3 website.

Account Protection

ETNAD3 is a membership-based website, but may not share your account with other people by providing them your User ID or password. Use of our website by unauthorized parties may constitute Theft of Services, which is prosecutable in many states. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and your password, and for restricting access to your account. Users of public or shared computers should log out at the completion of each visit to the ETNAD3 website, and should also close the web browser immediately upon logging out. Identity Theft If you discover that you are a victim of identity theft, or that your ETNAD3 account has been compromised, you should immediately notify Customer Service. You should also contact your local law enforcement agency. ETNAD3 reserves the right to terminate an account or place an account on hold at any time, with or without notification to the subscriber, in order to protect itself and its suppliers from what may be suspicious or fraudulent activity.


Warranties for products purchased through ETNAD3 are the sole responsibility of their respective manufacturers. All issues, claims, and questions concerning product warranties should be submitted directly to the product manufacturers. If the product is a health related device or nutritional supplement, be advised that all information contained on the website is for product identification purposes only. The information on the ETNAD3 website, the information provided by the manufacturers of the products, and the information on product packaging and labels is not meant to be a substitute for the advice of a physician or other medical professional. This information should not be used for prescribing a medication or for diagnosing a health problem. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or other health problems. It is your responsibility to seek the advice of a physician or other medical professional before using any of these products.

Order Payments

All order payments shall be made via PayPal account, PayPal eCheck, or PayPal credit card payment using your Visa or MasterCard. ETNAD3 reserves the right to restrict payment to bank wire transfer for orders over $1,000 dollars or for any order that we consider to be a high fraud risk. It is your responsibility to obtain payment from your customer before placing an order with ETNAD3. ETNAD3 strongly recommends that you obtain proper address verification for credit card purchases, and that you wait for checks to be deposited and cleared before placing an order.

Product Information

ETNAD3 diligently strives to provide accurate product information. However, our distributors and manufacturers provide most product information in the form of bulk data files. ETNAD3 makes no warranty, neither express nor implied, with respect to the accuracy of vendor-supplied product information, including product descriptions, price, quantity in stock, or other specifications.The product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of identification. The product images are subject to change at any time and are not assumed to be exact representations, since the manufacturers can change their products at any time without notice. Members are responsible for making sure the product descriptions and specifications are correct prior to selling any products from this website. Members are prohibited from making any unauthorized claims on behalf of the manufacturer. Questions regarding product descriptions and features should be directed to the individual product manufacturer.

Shipping and Handling

You are responsible for paying shipping and handling charges, as well as drop shipping fees for all products purchased from ETNAD3. There are no refunds on shipping charges if a shipment is refused or returned for any reason. Members should charge shipping figures based on product weight. Oversized and/or overweight packages may require a custom shipping quote from ETNAD3,which may be higher or lower than what is charged at checkout. OVERSIZED AND OVERWEIGHT PACKAGES WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL YOU HAVE APPROVED THE SHIPPING COST.

Changes to Orders

If you need to cancel or make any changes to an order, you MUST CALL OR EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY to stop the order from processing further. Orders are usually sent to the warehouse immediately upon receipt. Once an order is sent to our supplier, it cannot be changed in any way. We do not guarantee refunds for erroneous orders or cancellations.

Product Returns and Refunds

In general, all product sales made on the ETNAD3 website shall be considered final. Exceptions on refunds will be made when a product runs out-of-stock or is no longer available. Members should always monitor inventory levels on items that they are selling at an online auction or elsewhere, and should only sell items that have sufficient inventory levels to last through the auction term. Our responsibility when a product is no longer available is limited to fully refunding the purchase price of the unavailable product. Exceptions on returns will be made on an individual basis for products that are defective, damaged, or lost by the freight companies. Our responsibility in these instances is limited to replacing the damaged, defective, or lost products. A consumer return is defined as an unwanted product that is not defective or damaged, and in order to keep our wholesale prices as low as possible, consumer returns are not accepted. You must first email our support team with a detailed explanation and request for a return or refund, and you must wait for instructions before attempting to return products. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to the sender.

Tax Responsibility

You understand and agree that you are an absolutely independent contractor from ETNAD3, and that by reselling our products, you may incur tax responsibility. Your tax responsibility includes collecting, recording, and remitting all appropriate sales taxes to federal, state, or local authorities in accordance with the laws of your state and local jurisdiction.

Your Relationship to ETNAD3 Dropshippers

Members are to be considered independent contractors, and are not considered employees of ETNAD3 . As a business person, it is your responsibility to research the sales market and the products that you wish to resell. It is also your responsibility to educate yourself on the operation and use of sales venues that you wish to use, such as eBay. We do not provide technical support nor do we provide tutorial services for websites that are not owned or provided by ETNAD3. As a member, you do not have the right to bind us in any contract, including but not limited to product price and availability, or to your continued membership subscription beyond your current subscription term. Your relationship with ETNAD3 may be terminated at any time, by either party, for any or no reason.

Legal Recourse and Venue

You agree that the laws of ………………………….{Place name) shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes, claims, policies, and procedures between you and ETNAD3 relating in any way to the ETNAD3 service, the website, or to these Terms. You expressly and irrevocably consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in these Courts. The non-prevailing party in any court proceeding shall pay all attorney’s fees and court costs.

Limitations on Use

You must be 18 years of age or older to subscribe or to use the ETNAD3 website or service. With your paid subscription, we grant you a limited license to access the ETNAD3 website. With this limited license, you may use our product images and all general product information. You may not download, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, duplicate, publish, license, create derivative works from, or offer for sale any other information contained on, or obtained from, the ETNAD3 website without our express written consent. Any unauthorized use of the ETNAD3 website or its contents will cause the limited license to be terminated immediately.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

You understand and agree that all information contained within the ETNAD3 website is confidential and proprietary to ETNAD3 and must be used according to the terms of this agreement. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to wholesale pricing, product data, categories, vendors, brand names, policies, and procedures. You agree to not disclose any confidential information obtained from ETNAD3 to any business entity that may compete with ETNAD3 Any violation of confidentiality will cause your account to be terminated immediately.

Website Information

You are responsible for reading and understanding all information contained on the ETNAD3 website. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to contact and question ETNAD 3.Customer Service representatives regarding any portion of the website that you have read but do not understand. ETNAD3 is not responsible for any inconvenience, loss of profit, or other complication that you, your business, or your customers may experience as a result of your failure to read and understand all information on the website.

Minimum Advertised Price

Some products are price sensitive and are required by the manufacturer to meet a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). For products with MAP pricing, we will provide two prices for you. One is the wholesale cost you pay to ETNAD3, and the other is the MAP price for retail. As a member, you agree to never advertise or sell any price sensitive products to the public that you purchased from ETNAD3 for less than the MAP defined by the manufacturer for that product. Any violation of our MAP pricing policy may result in account termination.

Sales Venue

ETNAD3 is authorized to provide access to wholesale product distributors and to act as a venue to supply products for resale. This does not indicate that all items are suitable for resale under any particular circumstance or venue. It is the member’s responsibility to determine a particular product’s suitability for sale in any given venue, whether this is through a “brick and mortar” store, an online store, online auction, or any other venue. It is also the member’s responsibility to ascertain the legal implications of selling items that may be prohibited, by law or otherwise, in certain regions or venues. For example, some items which are prohibited for sale on eBay are not necessarily against the law to sell, but are simply items that eBay has decided to prohibit based on their own policies. Also, some manufacturers may require authorization before using copyrighted images and descriptions, also known as “intellectual property”. It is your responsibility to contact manufacturers directly for permission and authorization to advertise and/or sell their specific brands. ETNAD3 has no control over what is and isn’t legal or allowed in any venue or region and we are not responsible for the consequences of the advertising or sale of any product obtainable through our services.


For the convenience of our members, and to help our members streamline their sales cash flow, ETNAD3 uses PayPal as a payment gateway. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and eCheck through the PayPal service. Although establishing a PayPal account is not absolutely necessary for the use of our services, it is strongly recommended for the purposes of your subscription management and order payments.

Billing and Automatic Renewal

While using the ETNAD3 website and services, you expressly understand and agree that PayPal will automatically submit payments for your ETNAD3 subscription without prior notice to you, unless and until you cancel your Automatic Payment Profile in your PayPal Account. (See Cancellation below). You also expressly agree that we are permitted to bill you any additional applicable taxes or other charges that you may incur with the use of our services. Your ETNAD3 subscription will be automatically renewed on a recurring basis with the PayPal account you provide to us during registration. Your membership will automatically renew for successive terms, without prior notice to you, unless and until you cancel your membership or we terminate it. In the event your membership began on a day not contained in a given month, your PayPal account will submit payment on the last day of such month. For example, if you became a paying member on January 31st, your PayPal account would submit payment on February 28th. You must cancel your membership through your PayPal account before it automatically renews in order to avoid payment of the next subscription term. You expressly understand and agree that you are not eligible to receive refunds once your PayPal account has submitted an automatic payment.

Membership Fee Refunds

All membership fees and other charges associated with your membership are nonrefundable. We may change the fees and charges in effect, or add new fees and charges from time to time, but we will give you at least 30 days advance notice of these changes by email or by notices on your account upon login.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The first seven days of your new Wholesale Membership shall be considered an evaluation period. We 100% guarantee that our service, layout, and pricing structure will be satisfactory and competitive with companies offering similar services. You understand that this evaluation period is still part of a recurring subscription. Cancellation You may cancel your subscription to ETNAD3 at any time and without obligation by logging in to your PayPal account. Locate your Automatic Payment Profile in your Account History, and click on it for Details. There is a button on the Details page to cancel your subscription. Sending us an email with a cancellation request does not automatically cancel your subscription on your PayPal account, and you may inadvertently continue to be billed. To be absolutely certain of immediate cancellation, you must cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. We reserve the right to terminate your account ourselves for any or no reason.

Free Trials

We occasionally offer access to our website and services through free trials. Free trials are available only to first-time customers of the ETNAD3 website and cannot be combined with any other offer. Only one free trial may be redeemed per household. You must have a valid form of acceptable payment, such as a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to redeem a free trial. Your PayPal account will automatically submit payment for subscription fees corresponding to your Automatic Payment Profile on a recurring basis at the end of your free trial period unless you cancel prior to the end of your free trial. You will not receive a notice from us that your free trial has ended or that your paid subscription has begun. If you wish to cancel automatic payments, you must log in to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription prior to the end of your free trial offer.


ETNAD3 is a registered trademark of the ETNAD3 company. and other marks, names, and logos indicated on our site are also our registered trademarks. All graphics, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names found on our website are the trade dress of ETNAD3. Our trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not ETNAD3, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion to the general public, or in any other manner that infringes upon our rights. All other trademarks not owned by ETNAD3 that appear on the ETNAD3 website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by ETNAD3. Any images of persons or personalities contained on the ETNAD3 website shall not be an indication of endorsement of any particular product or our service unless otherwise specifically indicated.


All content on the ETNAD3 website is the property of the ETNAD3 Company, or its suppliers, and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. This content includes, but is not limited to, all logos, text, images, graphics, button icons, banners, digital downloads, data compilations, photographs, and software. This content should not be reproduced or used without express written permission fromETNAD3, or its suppliers. Your Wholesale Membership gives you limited rights to use the product images and descriptions for the purpose of marketing the products shown on the website. Any other copying or other unauthorized use of our website content is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to terminate your membership, and possibly seek monetary damages, if we believe that you are found in violation of our proprietary content policy.